Despite Potential Benefits, Medicare Is Slow to Connect With Telehealth

CHICAGO—While strides have been made in technology that could help beneficiaries gain access to better and possibly more cost-effective health care, Medicare continues to be a major hurdle, according to one industry organization.… Continue reading

Illegal Immigrants Give Billions to Medicare, Social Security With No Hope of Benefit

As politicians continue to debate proposals to reform Medicare and extend the solvency of the federal health insurance program for Americans ages 65 and older, many of the estimated 10.8 million illegal immigrants in the… Continue reading

Fact/Fiction: President Obama Hasn’t Been Able to Establish Reforms That Will Preserve Medicare

The Sound Bite In a campaign ad, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney uses video from a town hall-style presidential debate to criticize President Obama on the economy and Medicare. In the 30-second ad,… Continue reading

Supreme Court Ruling on ACA Not a Distraction for PCORI

An agency created by the Affordable Care Act to find the most effective medical treatments is too focused on its mission to worry about the Supreme Court’s decision on the health care law… Continue reading

ACA Repeal Could Diminish Innovation Center, Demo Projects

Medicare’s laboratory to test new ideas to improve health care may remain largely untouched if the 2010 health care law partially survives the Supreme Court, but a full repeal of the Affordable Care… Continue reading

Fate of 2012 Medicare Changes Unknown as ACA Mandate Heads to Supreme Court

Medicare beneficiaries can be screened for cardiovascular disease and obesity for free. The two diseases were added to the preventive services available in 2012 to Medicare beneficiaries as part of several new changes… Continue reading

Racine aldermen allege ethics violations

RACINE – A political dispute is brewing between two city aldermen as one claims the other violated the city’s code of ethics; and the other plans to respond by filing one of his… Continue reading

Overtaxed for 24 years, woman seeks payback from City of Racine

RACINE – Overcharged for 24 years on her property taxes, 84-year-old Angie France now wants the city to repay her the money she could have used during the years she cared for her… Continue reading

Racine digs for answers over unlawful alleyway graves

RACINE – As many as 300 people are buried in graves in which they should never have been laid to rest. Another 104 of these so-called “alleyway graves” in city cemeteries have been sold but… Continue reading

Beyond wounds: Counseling after Salinas gang violence sometimes overlooked

  Joel Aguilar has never been a gang member, but has three bullets in him nonetheless. The east Salinas teenager is largely paralyzed: He can move his neck, raise both his arms a… Continue reading